Thomas Ahn, BSc, BComm, Founder/Director

Thomas is the founder and director of KeyZap Inc. and directs the overall vision of the company. He is an active entrepreneur, an expert in technology research and also in nurturing technology start-ups. Thomas has successfully incubated several IT companies in Korea including Mobile Culture, iCity and Acrotech. Prior to KeyZap, he was a venture capitalist with Hanmi Technology Investment and has taught various topics in entrepreneurship at the Korean Venture Capital Institute. He holds a B.Sc degree from POSTECH in Korea and a B.Com degree from the University of Victoria in Canada.

Advisory Board

Derek Kerton, Principal Analyst, Wireless Practise, the Kerton Group, San Jose, California, USA

Derek is a highly knowledgable and networked expert in the wiress industry, working out of San Jose Caroline. Derek provides in-depth knowledge of the wireless and telco sectors in the USA.