Mobile Banking

At least 42% of Canadians currently do their banking on-line using their computers. Now, Canadians can use their cell phones, without a computer or even the internet. At present, SMS based cell phone banking is becoming a reality in North America. Smart chip based mobile banking like KeyZap's will be the enxt step after SMS, due to the superior security and flexibility provided by smart chips. Itís secure, easy, and it is mobile. Call or write us to find out the "Contact" button on the left.

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Mobile Payment

In places where smart-chip technology has been implemented, credit and debit card fraud is significantly reduced. Thatís why credit card companies and other financial institutions are moving quickly to implement in North America. Less fraud means everyone comes out ahead except the bad guys. Security. We like that idea...and we are looking to partner with payment companies who also see the value. Call or write us to find out more. Just click the ""Partners" button on the left.

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Mobile Life

We are living in exciting times. Wireless technology has advanced to the point where it is quickly becoming affordable and reliable for everyday life in a multitude of ways. Household applications of mobile phones are already becoming reality. Keys can be replaced with smart chips to open your door, oversized wallets stuffed with cards can be replaced with your cell phone with a chip holding the information you need, you can turn on your lights remotely using your cell phone as the interface, and you can even buy food at a vending machine by pointing and paying with the phone . Thereís a whole lot more coming....Call or write us to find out the "Contact" button on the left.

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